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These Terms & Conditions (these “Terms”) contain the terms and conditions on which we supply content, products, or services listed on www.mindfulnessmeditationcentre.com (the “Website”), through our applications (the “Apps”) – one of the products of Mindfulness Meditation Centre.

Your acceptance of these Terms of Service with Mindfulness Meditation Centre. (“Mindfulness Meditation Centre”, “us”, “we” or “our” as applicable), as of the Effective Date and as modified from time to time (“Terms”), is required in order for you to access and use Mindfulness Meditation Centre’s services as enabled by the Zen: Awakening to Well-Being” application and/or websites presenting these Terms (“Services”), including the functionality and Content.

Our contact email address is [email protected]. All correspondence to Mindfulness Meditation Centre including any queries you may have regarding your use of the Products or these Terms should be sent to this contact email address.


(a) Permission is granted to temporarily download one copy of the materials (information or software) of the Services. You shall not sublicense, sell access, resell, transfer, distribute, make derivative works or improvements of, monetize or commercially exploit or make available the services.

(b) You must be over 10 years of age to use the Services. You are allowed to access and use the Services only if you are legally permitted to do so via the laws of your jurisdiction, including laws regarding minimum age requirements.

(c) If you violate any of these Terms, your permission to use the Services automatically terminates unless such violation is waived by us in writing at our sole discretion.


Mindfulness Meditation Centre reserves the right to change or update these Terms, or any other of our policies or practices, at any time, and will notify users by posting such changed or updated Terms on this page. Any changes or updates will be effective immediately upon posting to www.mindfulnessmeditationcentre.org. Your continued use of the Products constitutes your agreement to abide by the Terms as changed. Under certain circumstances, we may also elect to notify you of changes or updates to our Terms by additional means, such as pop-ups or push notifications within the Products or email.


4.1 MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The Services do not constitute medical or other professional advice. The Services are not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any content concerning or related to physical or mental health that you may find in the Services is broad in nature and in scope, describes only general principles, is not specific to you as an individual, and does not take into account your personal circumstances, and may not be appropriate or relevant to your personal situation. Content in the Services is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions and is not a substitute for consulting with your own healthcare professionals. If you have any concerns or questions about your physical or mental health, you should consult your own healthcare professionals. Reliance on any information provided through the Services is solely at your own risk.

4.2 LIMITATIONS: Services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Although we aim to offer you the best service possible, we make no promise that the Products will meet your requirements and we cannot guarantee that the Products will be fault-free.

If a fault occurs in the Products, please report it to us at www.mindfulnessmeditationcentre.org and we will review your complaint and, where we determine it is appropriate to do so, correct the fault. If the need arises, we may suspend access to the Products while we address the fault. We will not be liable to you if the Products are unavailable for a commercially reasonable period of time.


The “Zen: Awakening to Well-BeingApp offers an in-app purchase to unlock all guided meditations forever for only $3.99.

The price of the IAP is applied to customers in Canada. Pricing in other countries may vary and will be converted to a currency based on the country in which each customer resides. The IAP is purchased once and does not expire or decrease with use.


We may suspend or terminate your use of the Products as a result of your fraud or breach of any obligation under these Terms. Such termination or suspension may be immediate and without notice. A breach of these Terms, includes without limitation, the unauthorized copying or download of our audio or video content from the Products.


Any disputes between or claims brought by you or us arising out of or related to these Terms, the Services, or Content shall be referred to and finally settled by binding arbitration before the International Court of Arbitration in accordance with the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) in effect at the time of arbitration except as inconsistent with this section. The arbitration shall be conducted by telephone, online, and/or based solely upon written submissions where no in-person appearance is required. All awards may if necessary be enforced by any court having jurisdiction. The existence of any dispute, the existence or details of the arbitration proceeding, and all related documents, materials, evidence, judgments, and awards therein, shall be kept confidential. You and we agree that by entering into this Agreement, the parties hereby waive the right to a trial by jury and agree to only bring claims in an individual capacity and not as a plaintiff or class member in any purported class or representative proceeding. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this section shall preclude the right and ability to file and maintain at any time an action for recovery of injunctive or provisional relief in any court of competent jurisdiction under the laws applicable thereto. All claims between the parties must be resolved using arbitration in accordance with this section. Should either party file an action contrary to this section, the other party may recover lawyers’ fees and costs, provided that the party seeking the award has notified the other party in writing of the improperly filed claim, and the other party has failed to withdraw the claim.


To enjoy the “Zen: Awakening to Well-Being application via your smartphone or other Device, your Device must satisfy certain system requirements.

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