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As the sun becomes a wild rose in the sky,

Blow wind, blow,

So may flowers of love blossom in our hearts

Blow wind, blow.

As the sea becomes a white cloud in the sky,

Blow wind, blow,

May our dreams light up our way every day,

Blow wind, blow.

As the cloud becomes a stream in the hills,

Blow wind, blow,

May our days flow on like a river of song,

Blow wind, blow.

Listen to the song; it’s everywhere around,

Love is life’s song, you can hear it all day long.

We join the choir today, we join and sing along,

Love is always young, it goes round and round.

(Joseph’s last name is misspelt in the presentation)
Sung by Kerry-Anne Kutz

The gift of a quiet mind brings us peace and healing,

The gift of a quiet heart makes love sweet.

Winning or losing, quietly breathing

Watching the snow fall on cat’s feet.

Sung by Emily King
(A song originally intended as a Grace before meals)

This food is the gift of the whole universe

The Earth, the Sky, and loving hands

Lets enjoy it thankfully, and vow to offer

Understanding and love to all beings.

Sung by Jessica Vigneault
(The title poem from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book of poetry)

For some reason, there is no video that goes with this song,

but then, we had nothing to do with uploading it…

My joy’s like spring, so warm

It makes flowers bloom all over the Earth,

My pain’s like a river of tears

So vast it fills the four oceans

Please call me by my true names

So I can hear all my cries and laughter at once,

So I can hear that my joy and pain are one.

Please call me by my true names

So that I can wake up,

And the door of my heart could be left open.

(A song about having a peaceful heart)
Sung by Kerry-Anne Kutz

There is honey in your eyes when you look without hunger,

There is sunshine in your face when your mind is pure.

Feathers in your hands when you touch without taking,

And petals on your feet when you walk with joy.

Music in your voice when you speak with laughter,

And moonlight in your sleep when your heart is free.