Mindfulness Training increases job satisfaction and productivity while decreasing stress. Sign up for our flexible programs of one to three sessions or longer. Each session includes a short talk, guided meditations and Q&A periods for deeper understanding.

Improve the resilience, emotional intelligence, and the ability of your workforce to work together.

Go towards more compassionate leadership.

Work towards creativity and seeing more possibilities in each situation with Positivity Training.

Programs can be tailored to address the particular concerns of your company


Mindfulness techniques are now recognized as having the potential to transform workplaces. The role of mindfulness in organizational settings helps to articulate the real needs of employees, to increase nonjudgmental communication, and to focus on the core value of helpfulness.

The core mindfulness skill of developing inner serenity helps employees to discuss disagreements and frustrations respectfully. This is essential for achieving excellence in the workplace.

Mindfulness practice promotes acceptance—acceptance of differences, and of opposing points of view. It leads to a more supportive work environment.

You can discuss your goals when working out a Mindfulness Training program for your organization.


Mindfulness can be an antidote to the growing stress, conflict and confusion in educational settings as well as an invaluable gift to give to students. The practice of mindfulness (living in the present moment) offers an opportunity to reduce stress, increase concentration, enhance relationships, and find more peace and joy in one’s personal and academic life. Some suggested topics are:

  • The use of the mindfulness bell to create moments of silence and reflection,
  • Starting out a class period with a short session of focusing and centering,
  • Mindfulness training for teachers to reduce stress and burnout,
  • How to pay attention, and
  • A short period of calming the mind exercises before important tests to increase performance.

Each presentation or training is worked out together with the host organization to best address the needs of the school.