Directions to Pointe-Claire Location

43 De Breslay Avenue (just west of the Pointe Claire Village area) Map


Coming from the east:

From Route 20 West, take Cartier exit to Lakeshore road, turn right.

Third stop is Golf. Ave. De Breslay is the next street.

Coming from the west:

From Route 20 East, take the St. Charles exit, turn right, go past McDonald’s to Beaconsfield Blvd (lights). Turn left, through 2 stops. De Breslay is just after Pointe-Claire Ave.


The P.C. location is on the 211 and 425 bus routes from Lionel Groulx. Travel time: 25 – 30 minutes. Comes frequently. Click here for the schedule then click on Ouest.

The following information might be helpful: at Pointe-Claire, the bus leaves Rte. 20 and takes Cartier down to Bord-du-Lac. There it turns Rt. and goes through Pointe Claire village. You need to get off right after the village, at Pointe-Claire Avenue, and walk back a few steps to Be Breslay.