About Us

The mission of The Mindfulness Meditation Centre is to offer Mindfulness Meditation Training for better living.

MMC offers weekly programs and private meditation coaching as well as mindfulness training in organizations and in schools.

Joseph EmetJoseph Emet started the Mindfulness Meditation Centre in 1997 because he had found the practice of mindfulness very helpful in his own life and wanted to share it with others.

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Private Meditation Coaching

A typical session of Mindfulness Coaching starts with a short period of conversation.

It continues with a Focused Guided Meditation tailored to bring awareness and reflection into the specific challenges that were discussed during the initial conversation. Whereas meditation practice without a specific focus may take a long time to produce desired results, Focused Guided Meditation quickly goes to the heart of your concerns. People typically find that five or six sessions of coaching are sufficient to address their area of interest, and to establish their own personal practice.

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Stress Reduction

buddhas_book_of_stress_reduction_600Mindfulness practice is a proven and effective path to stress management. By bringing the focus of our attention from our thoughts to our sensations, we learn to listen to the body in the language that the body speaks: with sensations rather than thoughts. We cultivate awareness of our mental habits, and develop new and more skillful ones. Book published by Penguin.

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